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Will Headlee, AAGO, is Professor emeritus of Organ and University Organist emeritus at Syracuse University. Since 1990 he has been organist of Park Central Presbyterian Church. He retired from Syracuse University in May 1992 after 36 years of varied academic responsibilities and continuous choir directing activity, including six seasons with the Hendricks Chapel Choir. He has been active in the American Guild of Organists (A.G.O.) and the Organ Historical Society (O.H.S.), serving often on convention planning committees for both groups and has been a member of the O.H.S. Historic Organs Committee and the Biggs Fellowship Committee. He has performed for A.G.O. and O.H.S. conventions and for the International Romantic Organ Music Symposia. His degrees are from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) with Jan Philip Schinhan, and from Syracuse University with Arthur Poister. A CD (Raven OAR-440) was released in March 1999 of the program he played for the Crouse College Centennial in 1989, using the 1950 Holtkamp Organ in Crouse Auditorium and the one-manual 1968 Schwenkedel organ owned by the School of Music. (The CD is available through normal distribution channels or from the Organ Historical Society; (804) 353-9226; Fax (804) 353-9266; email: catalogue@organsociety.org)


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