Currently, Park Central has launched a new branch and direction of its community. Park Central members came up with a solution. They decided they were definitely ready to allow each interested individual to receive the necessary funding support in order to implement his ideas and realize the intentions.

Since the idea came into the members' minds, Park Central has been receiving plenty of offers from different American organizations that crave to contribute to the community's activity. Recently, QuickCashLoans – a lending corporation from Kentucky led by Tyler Stephens, suggested Park Central accept their donations. This contribution would be aimed at supporting the community's members in the greatest financial need, as well as maintaining and enhancing the group activities.

In addition, a part of donations is often used towards the organization of different events: Civic Morning Musicals, CMM Sunday in Recital, and the long-standing performance sessions called Arts at Park. The performance is open to the public and designed for all the artists who would like to showcase their work in the community's space.

To request the financial support from Park Central, members should approach the Mission Committee or other related boards with a well-detailed plan of the project. As the community continues to raise its list of regular or interested sponsors across the United States, people can get the required funds in a short time.

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