The Holy Spirit at Work


From Syracuse to Haiti, from New Orleans to Mexico, Park Central mission activities engage people of all ages and abilities in sharing God's love with those in need. Discover the Holy Spirit at work by vounteering today!

Upcoming Mission Initiatives

  • Listen for opportunities to get involved during the Minute for Mission segment of our weekly worship service
  • Check out the Mission section of The Park Post, Park Central’s monthly newsletter

Recent Mission Initiatives

Haiti Mission & Ministry TeamHaiti Group 1

  • Formed in July 2010, the Haiti M & M team is composed of members from Park Central Presbyterian Church, Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church, and United Church of Fayetteville. The work of the Haiti M & M is also financially supported by Marcellus Presbyterian Church,Westminster Presbyterian Church, Skaneateles Presbyterian Church, and French Clubs throughout the United States.
  • The most recent of five mission trips to Haiti took place in October 2017.
  • The Haiti M & M team has an educational partnership with the grassroots organization called “FEED” in Paulette, Haiti.
  • FEED is a French acronym for “Fondation d’Épanouissement des Enfants Démunis” or “Foundation for the Development of Children in Need”.
  • In partnership with “FEED” the Haiti M & M attempts to address the educational, nutritional, and medical needs of children and the elderly in the village of Paulette, Haiti.

The Haiti M & M with the help of local churches and French Clubs in the USA has supported the following in Paulette, Haiti:

  • Good Samaritan Adult Literacy CenterHaiti Group 2
  • Teacher Training for 18 teachers
  • Uniforms, books, shoes, backpacks for 100 children
  • Tuition for 100 children
  • Potable water in two elementary schools & FEED headquarters with chlorine tablets
  • Manuals and materials for 90 preschool children & six teachers
  • Roofs, tables, chairs for the FEED headquarters
  • Potable water in 2 elementary schools
  • Manuals and materials for 83 preschool children
  • Roofs, tables, chairs for the FEED headquarters
  • Motorcycle ambulance
  • Repair of the village well
  • Mobile Medical Clinic for 3 days
  • Nutrition program for children and elderly
  • Study of water situation in the town
  • Soccer balls, school supplies, booklets on hydration, teaching clocks & skeltons
  • Literacy classes in Creole for adult learning to read and write
  • Two latrines at FEED headquarters

Samaritan Center

Repairing and serving hot meals for men, women, and children in need at the Samaritan Center.

Community Reading Program

At Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School (Syracuse City School District)

  • Founded by Park Central
  • Engages 35 volunteers from a variety of local churches and community organizations
  • Teaches reading one-on-one to 60 1st and 2nd graders twice a week throughout the school year
  • Administers the Teddy Bear Lending Library to allow students to take books home, a privilege not permitted in the school library

Donations to Christmas Gifts for New Americans

Donating gifts to two families through Christmas Gifts for New Americans, a program of InterFaith Works of Central New York

Latin American Mission Project (LAMP)

Partnership between the Presbyteries of Cayuga-Syracuse, Utica, and the Campechano Presbytery in Campeche, Mexico since 2003

  • Sends Park Central members on annual February trip to help with hands-on church and home construction projects
  • Brought Central New Yorkers and our Campechano partners together on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to offer supplies and cleanup assistance after Hurricane Katrina
  • Hosts our Campehano partners on trips to CNY, including a Campechano Pastor and his family for a one to two year residence commencing Fall 2011
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Heifer Project

  • Engages our children and youth in an annual effort to combat global poverty and hunger
  • Provides tangible gifts of farm animals and training to poverty-stricken regions
  • In 2011, Park Central children and youth raised over $4,000 for Heifer International – surpassing their goal by 60%!
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

  • Brought together children, teenagers, and adults at Park Central to celebrate the holiday through service
  • Put together 10 Church World Service clean-up buckets for flood and storm victims
  • Shopped for school supplies for children in the Syracuse City School District

Sharing Space with our Downtown Neighbors

We welcome a number of our downtown neighbors to take advantage of our wonderful new space

  • Civic Morning Musicals
  • The Greater Syracuse Tenants Network
  • Family Counseling Ministry
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Stitches Sewing Group
  • Family Tapestry
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Onondaga County D.S.S.
  • C-CAP (Concerned Citizens Action Program)

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